Friday, May 18, 2012

Can you believe it's just about Summer? It seems like just about a month ago the kids were back in school and now they'll be out in just a few weeks! But this isn't about kids during summer, this is about YOU, your belly and looking good in your beachwear during summer and beyond!! 

I keep hearing it all over the place, "I've got to get in shape for summer!" But how about, "I've got to get in shape for a healthy life", not just for summer, instead? 

That is the ultimate goal, but one small goal at a time... 

Number 1: Focus on reducing the size of your belly!

I've gathered a few simple, clear-cut and to the point ways, to help start preparing your summertime belly so you CAN show it off, and walk on the sand with swagger! Ok yes maybe some things may not be so easy, it's going to take commitment, diligence, love (yes be in love with what you're doing! Resist saying that you "hate it" or "this is too hard!") and lastly, desire (you have to want it bad enough to put in 100%!!).

The best way to achieve your goal is to stay on the defensive, always be prepared, organized and COMMITTED!!

You can do it AND it can happen in a matter of weeks!
So are you ready to start today… no, no, not tomorrow, yeah I heard you! TODAY!! ;)

~Some Body Fat Info~

When we think of wanting to lose excess belly fat we mostly think of the fat just underneath the skin, which is called subcutaneous fat.  The fat that’s even more of concern is the visceral fat, which lies deep inside your abdomen and surrounds your internal organs.

I know you want to get started, but first let me give you some facts about visceral fat that will hopefully keep you motivated in your firmer belly quest!

Visceral Fat Facts:

~ An excessive amount of visceral fat produces hormones and other    
    substances that can raise your blood pressure.
~ It can negatively alter your cholesterol levels.
~ It can impair the body’s ability to use insulin.

Those facts can increase the risk of very serious health problems such as:
• Cardiovascular disease
• Stroke
• Type 2 diabetes
• Breast cancer
• Prostate and Colorectal cancer
• Gallstones, Psoriasis and Fatty Liver

          ~Your To Do List for Achieving A Firmer Belly and Losing 
                                            Excess Body Fat!~ 
                        (subcutaneous as well as visceral fat!)

 #1.    Measure your belly as well as your waist. Keep a measurement 
          journal to track your progress and make notes.

          {Women with a waist over 34 inches and men over 39 inches are  
          at a much greater risk for excess visceral fat health problems.}

          Track your progress by measuring your waist and your belly every three days.

           You should also include the area below your belly button just to track 
           one more surrounding area in order to see which area is losing fat more quickly.

 #2.    Limit your alcohol intake! If you’re accustomed to an everyday beer, glass of wine or cocktail, 
          limit it to only the weekends and be careful with how much you have! 
          Alcohol feeds your belly, hence the “beer belly”, and makes it impossible to achieve
          your goal!

 #3.    Ideally you want to reach a subgoal of exercising at least 5 days a week with
          strength training 3 to 4 days a week. But start your first two weeks with three 
          days of one hour of exercise. 
          Then increase your workouts to at least 5 times a week for AT LEAST 30 minutes on 
          these days. Challenge yourself. Do things you wouldn't ordinarily do.
          For example, if you always use the treadmill, use the elliptical instead. Try a higher
          resistance on the elliptical, or a high incline on the treadmill, for as long as you can in intervals. 
          Take a strength class, or a dance class (I highly recommend Zumba, my personal favorite!)

 #4.    Eat Healthy!! Increase nutritious fresh foods, like vegetables, fruit, fish, whole grains, nonfat
          dairy and decrease, rather eliminate, fast food, foods high in sugar and fat, especially 
          saturated fat, eliminate soda, high sugar fruit juices and "foo-foo" coffee drinks, you know like 
          frappuccinos, cappuccinos, sugar laced lattes, etc, etc. 
          Personally I eat about a 85% plant based diet. I still eat nonfat Greek yogurt, skim cheeses,
          chicken and eggs. I most likely won’t do away with these lean proteins, but who knows!
          Eating a mostly plant based diet WILL help you feel better, look better, and help you to be much
          healthier overall!! 

  #5.   Don’t smoke! Find ways to stop as soon as possible! Research what truly happens to your body 
          when you smoke. Look at statistics of cancer and COPD as well as other health issues caused 
          by smoking, let these things motivate you, or find what does!
  #6.   DO NOT skip breakfast! Not eating breakfast will slow your metabolism, it will cause you to over eat 
          at lunch and most likely you'll be so hungry that you'll make the wrong food choices!! 

  #7.   Drink LOTS of water all day long! Your body is mostly made of water! At least 70%!
          I could write a whole post on this alone, and I just might, meanwhile drink more water!

Pretty simple huh?!

This "To Do" list will not only help you lose excess body fat, but will also help your body to become healthier and more energetic! 

Keep these seven To Do's for as long as possible! Don't think that once you've achieved what you wanted that you could go back to your old ways. Most likely by that time you'll be so accustomed to eating better and working out that it will become a habit and you WILL continue on with this as a way of life. 

Be Healthy, Be Happy, for a lifetime!

~ Rebecca :)

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Workout Log - February 2012

Ok here it is, all of my workouts for February!! Did you think I had given up? Ha! No way...Jose! (sorry I couldn't help myself!) Now I did come close a couple of times, thinking... "is this really worth it?"... "I have to prove him wrong!", but it has become more than simply winning a bet. This is how I want to live my life! I want the commitment! I will incorporate some sort of exercise, workout, activity, call it what you will, everyday, for myself!! The exercise has helped me sleep like a baby! Who needs a "5 Hour Energy"? Nope not me! All  I need is a few minutes of daily exercise and I'm set for the day!  There are those days when I really, I mean REALLY, don't want to do it because I'm so damn tired, but I force myself and somehow once I get myself started I don't want to stop! ( haven't I said this before? ...sounds familiar.) I feel incredible and so energized afterward!! I wish you could feel what I feel! But you can! It just takes a little bit of effort and commitment. Once you start and keep consistent you will become addicted to God's natural and amazing drug called...EXERCISE!!

So go ahead and pick one, any one, or two, or more and try it!  If you have any questions about any of the exercises, please ask me. :)

~ FEBRUARY 1, 2012~
2 x 15 Stability Ball Crunches
2 x 10 Alternating Hammer Curl w/10 lb weights
2 x 10 Bent Over Row w/20 lbs

17 minutes on Elliptical
2 x 12 Rotational med ball/ 8 lbs -Ab work
2 x 10 Knees to chest and slow moving back down w/8 lb med ball - Ab work

~ FEBRUARY 2, 2012~
2 x 10 Knee Tucks -Abs
1 x 10 Pikes- Abs
Pushup sequence (full out, chest to floor): 10/15/20/20 =85
This pushup series had about a 2 to 5 minute break in-between.
18 minutes of cardio: jogging, fast paced walking, some quick side to side lunges.

2 x 15 Stability ball crunches
2 x 10 Step-ups on 6" bench w/20 lbs
10 minute inclined fast paced walk
2 x 10 squat to sitting down on Bosu, to extending legs parallel to floor to stand...repeat.
There must be a name for that exercise, any ideas?

2 x 15 Seated Low Row w/ 40 lbs
1 x 10 Full Range Pushups ( that means chest hits the floor y'all.)
1 x 12 Knee Tuck Abs

1 Hour of Insane Zumba!! Crazy class!! I just LOVE it!!!
10 minutes stretching

1 hour run/walk in neighborhood
20 minute workout:
      2 x 15 high step ups ea. side, on picnic table bench
      2 x 15 wide step back low stretch lunge, then back to
      standing position, ea. side
      2 x 12 mountain climbers
      2 x 10 prone plank jacks
      2 x 15 dbl biceps curl w/ 8 lb free weights

3 minute cardio warm up
Shoulders & Triceps
3 x 12/12/15 triceps kickback w/ 8 lbs
3 x 12/15/15 single bent over row w/ 8 lbs/12 lbs/12 lbs
3 x 12 extended lateral lift w/ 8 lbs
3 x 15 military press w/ 10 lb free weights
2 x 10 lat pull over w/ 10 lbs ( filler to rest target workout muscles)
2 x 15 dbl triceps extension, supine w/ 10 lbs

2 x 15 wide pile squats
1 x 15 curtesy lunges on each side
8 minutes Zumba dancing (cardio interval)
2 x 12 low lateral side to side lunges
1 x 16 high side to side kicks
10 minutes of fast paced walking

<3 Abs & Legs!
1 x 16 /10 SB crunches
2 x 10 Bosu tuck crunches
2 x 10 /12 Bosu pikes
2 x 10 /13 Bosu reverse lunge to knee lift
2 x 15 SB crunches w/ feet on wall
3 x 30/35/35 leg extension machine
2 x 15 curtesy lunges ea side
2 x 15 side squat to step up w/one riser ea side
2 x 10/14 side to side quick lunges
2 x 12/15 back extensions
10 minutes of stretching

15 minutes elliptical
2 x 15 bent over row w/16 lbs
2 x 18 parallel squat to overhead press w/8lb free weights
2 x 18 hip extensions/no weights
2 x 12 mountain climbers
2 x 12 pushups w/knee to shoulder
5 minutes stretching

2 x 12 wide squat with side stretch
2 x 12 Bosu tuck crunches
2 x 10 small pikes
15 minutes light cardio - walking
Standing leg work-no weights
   2 x 15 hip extensions

2 x 14 Bosu moving up & down side planks, ea side
2 x 15 Bosu bridge
2 x 12 alternating knee holds
2 x 16 alternating quick low side to side lunges
2 x 18 step kicks on Bosu
18 walking lunges
2 x 10 drop pushups on staircase ...I love doing these! As I take a step up the stairs in my house I fall forward onto the step, yes on purpose! Stay low and keep it going up to the top! ;)
A few alternating Bosu step ups, didn't keep track of how many.

15 minutes on elliptical, level 7 through 20
15 minutes on treadmill, incline 6.5' speed intervals from 3.8 ( for a few seconds of recovery, then speeding back up)  to 6.5 (1 minute running interval)
2 x 12 leg curl machine w/30 lbs
3 x 15 standing lat pull down w/45/60/60, I never sit down when using the lat pull this way I'm sure to incorporate more core stability. ;)
2 x 15/10 low wide lunge back to standing, ea side
2 x 15/12 individual standing leg curl w/20 lbs, adding 10 more lbs to last 5 reps.
15 pushups, 5 more with alternating knee to chest
5 minutes stretching legs

Spinning interval: 5 minutes
2 x 10 jump squats
2 x 16 quick side to side low lunges

Spinning interval: 5 minutes
2 x 15 tuck abs
2 x 16 step up to knee lift

Spinning interval: 2 minutes
10 minutes stretching

~FEBRUARY 14~ Happy Valentines Day!!<3
25 pushups
2 x 16 bicycle knee holds
2 x 15 stationary reverse lunges with back foot on Bosu, ea side
2 x 15 wide pile squat
2 x 20 straight leg kicks
2 x 10 side kicks
2 x 20 knee lifts
2 x 12 slow parallel squats
3 x 20 Bosu bridge
5 minutes stretching

I didn't think a workout was going to be possible on this day but I still managed to squeeze it in!!


2 X 15 Bosu crunches
3 X 10 Bosu Pike, to straddle and rotate legs
3 X 12/13/15  Bosu pushups with flat side up
2 X 15 Single bent over row w/25 lbs
2 X 15 Wide Squat w/ 15 lbs
Reverse Lunges:
1 X 10 w/15 lbs...
1 X 10 w/single overhead press 15 lbs
Triceps push ups:
2 X 10
Triceps Rope Pushdown:
2 X 15, 30 lbs, 40 lbs, 40 lbs


20 minutes elliptical
8 minutes: 4 X 15 slow hip extensions at 60 degrees
Few minutes stretching


20 minutes elliptical
Giant Leg Press:
3 X 15 w/ 90 lbs -Stretched in between each set
Smith Machine, Parallel Squats:
3 X 12, w/50 lbs
3 X 10 Straight Leg Kicks each side in-between sets
Captains Chair, double leg raise:
2 X 12
Back Extension:
2 X 12
Lateral Side Bends:
2 X 10 each side


20 minutes elliptical
Biceps curl:
3 X 15 w/ two 8 lbs free weights, side stepping at the same time.
Hammer curl:
1 X 15 w/ 10 lbs free weights
Mountain Climbers:
3 X 12/16/20
Jumping jack series:
10 jacks/ 1 minute run in place/ 12 jacks/ 1 minute run/20 jacks/ run in place/ 30 jacks/ run in place.
One minute interval: alternating step to knee lift
Bosu crunches:
2 X 15
Bosu push ups (flat side up):
2 X 10


One hour of hot hot Zumba!!! That class was insane and so much fun!! I was drenched and beet red faced!!
1 X 15 Bosu pushups
10 minutes stretching, cooling down.


Hammer curl:
3 X 15, 8 lbs/8 lbs/10
Military Press:
2 X 12 w/8 lbs, 2 X 15 w/10 lbs
Standing butterfly:
3 X 15 w/ 10 lbs
Supine extended fly:
3 X 15 w/8 lbs
Chest Press:
3 X 15 w/ 10 lbs


Bosu Crunches: 2 X 15
Stability Crunches: 1 X 15
30 minutes on treadmill walk/run intervals
5.0 incline- 3.5 to 5.5 speed


Spent 45 minutes doing a variety of exercises during a Physical Fitness class for my students. Did some jogging, squats, wall squats, walking lunges, lateral lunges, pushups.
A few seconds to minutes with a variety of exercises and a whole lot of running around.


20 minutes elliptical
Ham Curl:
3 X 15 w/ 25 lbs, 25 lbs, 35 lbs
Lat Pull:
3 X 15 w/45 lbs
Wide PliƩ Squat:
2 X 15 w/15 lbs
Triceps Shoulder Roll Push Ups, using the bench:
2 X 10
About 8 minutes stretching


1 hour Salsa class
8 minutes low intensity elliptical
Bosu Crunches: 2 X 12
Bosu planks ( forearms on Bosu): 2 X 30 seconds
Rotational Crunches: 2 X 16 w/ 8 lb medicine ball
Med Ball knee tuck crunch: 2 X 10 w/8 lb med ball
Side Chops: 2 X 10 each side w/8 lb med ball
Center Chop: 2 X 10, 8 lb med ball


1 hour awesome Zumba class!!! Woooweee that was crazy fun!!


20 minutes on elliptical
Dead Lift:
2 X 12 w/20 lbs
Double Biceps Curl: 2 X 15 w/10 lbs
SB Crunches: 2 X 12


10 minutes on elliptical
Triceps Pushups: 2 X 10
Lat Pull: 2 X 15 w/40/60 lbs
Wide lunge back to stand: 2 X 10 each side
Bosu crunches: 2 X 15


Bicycle Crunches: 2 X 14
Tuck and Extend Crunches: 2 X 10
Bridge: 2 X 10
10 minutes fast paced walk/ jog
Jumping Jack squat: 2 X 10

Now onward to March!!

Be fit, Be strong, Be healthy!! ;)


Monday, February 13, 2012

Workout Log 1/15/12 ~ 1/31/12

Sorry, I'm a little late, ok very late, posting my last two weeks of workouts from January! There just isn't
enough time in the day to do everything I want and need to do! Anyway here it is, every single one of these
workouts are 30 minutes or longer. Some workouts are more of a fast pace and some are slow, using full range of motion ("FROM"). I always try to incorporate some type of stretching even though it may not be indicated in my log, just squeeze in whatever you can whenever you can!

~January 15, 2012~
I have to admit I was a little nervous about not being able to fit in a workout on this day! It was such an extremely busy day!  I just had to fit it somehow in little bits throughout the day. Hey now I still did it, just not all at once! ;)
5 minutes of moderate cardio; jumping jacks, knee lifts, side to side lunges, jogging in place.
20 walking lunges
2 x 10 wide squats
Jog ups on step (6") = 30 seconds
Alternating leg kicks  20x (I sneak doing these in my office!)
20 side reaches 
2 x 15 full crunches
2 x 30 sec planks

~January 16~
20 min elliptical
10 min treadmill - 4.0 walking / 5.0 incline
      2 one minute intervals of running at level 5.0 / 6.5 incline 
3 x 15 overhead press w/ 15 lbs
2 x 20 chest press w/ 15 lbs
2 x 12 single triceps ext. 10 lbs 
2 x 15 extended fly (supine) w/ 8lb free weights ea hand
2 x 15 dbl triceps ext. w/ 8's in ea hand

~January 17~
15 minutes dancing ( a fun way to get cardio!)
2 x 15 step ups ea side
1 x 15 crunches
1 x 12 slow stability ball crunches
1 x 15 Standing hip extensions ea side
10 minutes stretching and foam rolling

~January 18~
15 min elliptical
2 x 10 push ups
1 x 10 triceps push ups
2 x 15 bosu tuck crunches
1 x 15 SB crunches
1 x 15 captain's chair

~January 19~
2 x 10 full range push ups
2 x 10 lunge kicks
Jump squats: 5 / 8 / 12
Air straddle jump squat - 10
2 x 16 reverse lunges
High impact jacks and dancing = 10 minutes

~January 20~
1 x 15 SB crunches
2 x 20 MB (8 lbs) rotational abs
2 x 10 pikes w/ MB 
2 x 10 Bosu push ups
2 x 14 Bosu mountain climbers
10 min stretching

~January 21~
1 hour hard core, crazy Zumba!

~January 22 Sunday~
15 min elliptical
2 x  12 Step up lunge back
2 x 15 parallel squats 20 lbs
2 x 10 dead lifts w 20 lbs

~January 23~
Bosu plank 2 x 30 sec / 35 sec
Bosu tuck crunches 2 x 18 / 20
Bosu plank 2 x 40 sec / 45 sec
Full sit ups 3 x 16 in 20 sec
10 slow knee hold, opposite leg parallel to floor, switch back and forth
Bosu - side to side quick lunges for 20 seconds

~January 24~
15 minute fast paced walk
2 x 10 lateral lunges
2 x 10 walking lunges
2 minutes fast jump roping
10 pushups
2 x 18 biceps curl w / 8 lbs
2 x 10 throw punches holding 8 lb weights

~January 25~
Cardio on Step - various moves-- quick lateral lunges 
2 x 15 side squat to step up - each side
10 decline pushups
2 x 12 squat jacks
2 x 15 each side high leg kicks
2 x 10 mountain climbers
2 x 10 slow push ups

~January 26~
15 minutes aerobic patterns, plus mock jumping rope, quick lunges
10 pushups
15 minutes fast walking - up and down hills

~January 27~
10 minutes aerobic patterns, jumping jacks, jump roping, running in place, high knees, squats
10 minute fast walking - up and down hills
15 minute jumps, side to side lateral lunges 
10 push ups slow

~January 28~
1 hour intense, hot, crazy ZUMBA!
1 x 15 chest press w/ 10 lbs
2 x 15 / 20 w/ 17.5 lbs
2 x 15 Butterfly w/ 10 lbs
2 x 15 supine triceps ext. w/ 10 lbs 
2 x 12 frontal raise w/ 10 lbs

~January 28~
20 minute fast walk and run
3 x 20 Hammer curl to overhead press w/8 lbs

~January 30~
Light jogging = 10 minutes
Alternate jump lunges, pile squats, jumping jack squats = 10 minutes
1 x 15 parallel squat w/16 lbs
2 x 16 mountain climbers
2 x 15/20 pushups
1 x 15 crunches on SB

~January 31~
I actually had a horrible headache this day, so cardio and weights were out of the question. Instead I did a pilates based dancer's leg workout! Worked my legs, hips, hammy's, and glutes all at one time and without weights! ;)

~Dancer's leg workout~
Side lying, bring knee to chest then extend straight out in front, keeping leg straight push it back in line with body. 15 x
Then hold leg up (still in line with body) lift and lower 15 x
Repeat on other leg
Completed 3 sets of the above leg exercises.
3 x 10 Bicycle ...keep long extended legs and chest up.
Lying on back (supine), straddle stretch, close and open legs 3 x 15
Bosu Bridge (for hammy's and glutes) 3 x 10, 10, 15
5 minutes foam rolling
2 x 10 count straight arm foam roller planks

Your turn! ;)

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

What's so important about exercise anyway?? I'll tell you why!

Yes, I do LOVE to exercise!!  If I could I would do at least two hours everyday, like I did in the past, but things are different now. I don't have as much time as I used to. Being in a gym all day as a trainer made it so easy, unfortunately I don't live in the gym anymore.  Now I have to make time and squeeze it in whenever and wherever I can!
When I first started this 30 minutes of daily exercise challenge I was gung-ho, yeah no problem, I went for it big time! I gave myself intense workouts that were mostly longer than 30 minutes for the first two weeks! As a result however, the body parts I trained would be pretty sore the next day, not excruciating, but definitely uncomfortable! Although there was one day at a sport hotel that I did take it up a notch, ok maybe ten notches! (definitely a crazy workout, but certainly not the norm!)
I realized that the challenge was not to enforce intense daily "workouts", but only to do some "exercises", of any sort. It didn't have to be structured or planned out, it just had to be something!

The other thing I came to realize is that as busy as I am, I had to figure out a way to incorporate the daily 30 minutes somehow, then the "a-ha" moment!! ( yeah I know, that's old right? ) I'll just have to do it the way I taught my busy clients! I'd say to them, "just fit in a few minutes at a time, there is no excuse for not being able to plug in 5 or 10 minutes of different exercises throughout your day that will total 30 minutes or even a full hour workout" that's what I've been doing, whenever I knew that I wouldn't be able to commit a full 30 minutes! Yes, it can be done!! And there really is no excuse, nope there isn't. Being sick, you say?... Nope I don't by it. You can still work on flexibility, legs lifts, arm work, etc., etc. Once you make the commitment, it's in your forethought. You know you have to do it, so you force yourself! Yep, I've been there too! There have been days when I didn't have any time to do any exercises and all I wanted to do was go home...and do what? Probably eat and watch t.v. My body drove me to the gym and I did my 30 minutes, and I have to tell you that I felt INCREDIBLE afterwards!! And so very glad that I followed through!

 My reasons though for exercising, as part of my daily ritual, are much more than maintaining my weight. Some have said to me,"you're already in good shape, you don't need to exercise that much." ...not to be disrespectful by any means, but I sort of laugh a bit inside about that comment! I might have said this before, and I'll say it again... Exercise to benefit your health rather than thinking of "losing weight"! I think it's much easier to think of if it this way if you really do need to lose weight, and it'll magically happen! ;)

So, I thought I'd make a list of the reasons why I exercise, so hopefully you can see how it can also help you! ;) ...

1) Relieves my stress!
2) Makes me feel happy, by releasing my endorphins and puts me in a good, positive mood! :)
3) Exercise IS the fountain of youth!!! I feel younger than I am, and people say I look younger than I am...remember that stress ages you, so get rid of it!!
4) It gives me plentiful energy!!
5) It's good for my brain! Exercise actually stimulates the formation of brain cells!... Which also helps with my memory!
6) It increases my lung capacity... i.e., I can snow ski all day long!!
7) It helps me sleep like a baby!!
8) It gives me the strength and energy I need to keep up with my physically demanding job! (Increased stamina)
9) It helps to prevent high blood pressure. Exercise makes my heart stronger, it can pump more blood with less effort!
10) It increase my HDL cholesterol, the good kind!
11) It increases my muscular strength, joint and bone strength!!
12) It increases my flexibility, which I do believe helps to shorten muscle soreness....unless you absolutely kill yourself in an extreme workout!! lol Also helps me stand tall, with good posture.
13) It reduces my risk of dying prematurely by staving off diseases, i.e., type II diabetes, cancer, stroke, cardiovascular disease, and more!
14) It increases my BMR (basal metabolic rate), which means my body can burn more calories at rest!
15) It increases my self confidence and makes me feel sexy!
16) It helps to keep my immune system strong!
17) It's freeeeeeeee!!!

And so for these reasons I'll continue to make exercise a priority, if only for 30 minutes!!

Here's to healthy longevity!!
xo, Rebecca :)

Saturday, January 14, 2012

My First 2 Weeks of 30 Minutes / Day

Normally I'm not one to make bets or promises about things just because you can't predict what kind of obstacles you may encounter that could interfere, but really are those "obstacles" are plainly "excuses".
I made the official bet (by handshake) to exercise thirty minutes everyday until 12/31/12 because...

1) I felt confident that I could do at least thirty minutes of exercise without facing any obstacles.
2) Being fit has been a part of my life since I was a kid, so no problem!
3) I have more time available then I did last year.
4) A full-time job, going to school, driving time and home life all make it extremely challenging to squeeze in the 30 minutes (or more), but I'm willing to give up some old habits to make the time!

My workouts prior to this bet were sporadic and hardly ever as consistent as I would have liked. I get how we really are "creatures of habit"! If you have the same routine day after day it takes a strong will (or a bet) to change up your routine! It's do-able though, it absolutely is!

So far, it's been two weeks of consistent exercise!  I have not missed one day since I started on January 1st, 2012! But how do you know if I'm telling the truth? Good question!  First of all I would not lie to you! But in case you don't trust me, I've been logging my workouts and recently I thought of taking pictures of catching myself in the act! ;)

So here's my first two weeks...and by the way, it's never too late to start something like this right now! Make today be YOUR "January 1st"!! :)

JAN 1  
40 Minute Run/Fast Paced Walk (in my hilly neighborhood)

JAN 2 
This workout is posted on this blog, it was a great one!

JAN 3 -
55 Minute Run/Fast Paced Walk ( in my neighborhood)

JAN 4 
40 Minute Chest and Triceps Workout: Dumbbell chest press 2 X 20 @ 10 lbs;
Dumbbell triceps presses 2 X 15 @ 10 lbs;
Lat pull over 2 X 15 @ 10 lbs; 
Barbell chest press 2 X 20 @ 20 lbs;
French press 2 X 15 @ 20 lbs.

JAN 5 
10 Minutes on elliptical, approx 30 Min Leg Workout;
Leg extension - 2 X 15 @ 30 lbs; 
Wide squats 2 X 12 @ 15 lbs;
Stationary forward lunges with overhead press - 2 X 12  @ 15 lbs;
Ham curls - 2 X 15 @ 35 lbs;
Stair climbing (5 min) = Total 35 Minutes

20 Minute fast-paced hill walk and stair climbing + 45 Minute light jog/walk around my 
hilly neighborhood (the 20 min was early in the day and the 45 was later in the afternoon)
JAN 7 
45 Minute workout: 10 min on elliptical; 
16 mountain climbers, biceps curl - 2 X 18 @ 8 lbs; 
Bridge 2 X 15;
Plank - 2 X 30 sec (elbows on bosu); 
Bent over rows - 1 X 15 @ 8 lbs; 
Upper trap work w/ band 2 X 15 reps;
Standing side bends - 2 X 15 reps @ 8 lbs ea. side / 15 reps @ 10 lbs ea. side;  
2 Zumba dances (8 minutes). 

JAN 8 
20 Minutes on elliptical;
Bent over rows - 2 X 10 @ 8 lbs;
Triceps kickbacks- 2 X 10 @ 8 lbs;
Shoulder frontal raises - 1 X 15 @ 5 lbs = Total 40 minutes.

JAN 9 
25 Minutes on elliptical; 
3 X 20 short range pulse quick push ups;
2 X 30 sec planks, 
2 X 15 ab crunches on stability ball.

JAN 10
20 Minutes on elliptical; 
Leg press 3 x 15 @ - 95 lbs/110/115;
Leg extension  2 X 12 @ 30 lbs.

JAN 11
10 Minutes on treadmill -incline 4.5 speed: 2.5/3.0/3.5 (warm-up);
12 minutes on elliptical;
Lat pull down - 3 X 15 @ 40 lbs / 12 @ 55 lbs / 10 @ 55 lbs = Total 30 minutes

JAN 12
20 Minutes elliptical;
Angled leg press 3 X 15 w/ 45 lbs on each side - full range; 
Wide squat w/ weight plate - 4 X 15 @ 35 lbs, 12 @ 35 lbs, 12 @ 25 lbs, 12 @ 25 lbs.;
Full range back extension 2 X 12; Side Bends - 2 X 20 ea side, 10 ea side.

JAN 13
2 X 15 Stability Ball crunches;
Full range push ups 3 X 20/ 10 (using bosu)/ 10; 
15 minutes fast paced hill walking; 
10 minutes of side lunges, parallel squats, laterally moving body hanging from bar. ( at the
playground using the "monkey bars")

JAN 14
17 Minutes on elliptical; 
Double leg curl3 X - 1st set: 10 reps @ 30 lbs dropped weight to 20 lbs for ten 
more reps. 2nd set: same as 1st. 3rd set: 12 reps @ 30 lbs.  
Single leg curl 2 X 10 reps @ 20 lbs,  5 more reps at 10 lbs, same with other leg; 
2 X 10 triceps push ups; 
2 X 15 Crunches;
15 minutes deep stretching. = Total 70 minutes.

So, now do you believe me? ;-)

Be fit, Be Happy!

~ Rebecca ~

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

January 2, 2012 The Day's 40 Minute Workout!

     The workout I did yesterday was definitely intense even though it was only 40 minutes! I'm still feeling it this afternoon! Look you certainly don't need a lot of time committed to a workout to reap the benefits of exercise!  I remember years ago I'd workout for two or more hours sometimes.. really, unless you're a professional athlete, this is so unnecessary! I'd be so tired afterward I'd go home and sleep, what a waste of time! If only I knew then what I know now, I'm sure we all feel that way!  But anyway if you can devote 10 to 30 minutes of some type of moderately intense exercise and/or 30+ minutes of moderate exercise at least 3 days a week you WILL absolutely feel and see the results, as long as you don't binge eat afterward!

     I'm on a mission to do some type of workout for at least 30 minutes everyday this year as a personal challenge.... well and to win a $100.00 ( hey that's a day at the salon!) bet that I have going with my husband!  My 30+ minutes of daily exercise will vary in intensity depending on how I'm feeling from the workout the day(s) before, for instance today my shoulders are sore  so of course no shoulder, or upper body work today!

     The following workout made me sweat, got my heart rate up into a good training zone and it felt great!!  If you'd like to try this workout, and you'd consider yourself a beginner, I'd suggest doing only one set and much lighter weights, then try the workout again a few days later and increase the resistance while also adding an additional set. 

     Here it is and be sure you have water with you!

> 2 minute warm-up on the spin bike 
> 2 minute jogging in place combined with jumping jacks (do this longer if 
    you don't have a cardio machine). 
> 16 alternating forward lunges onto a 6" step, no weights, just working 
    good form -- make sure your forward knee does not extend over your 
    toes,  your knee should be in a 90 degree angle and keeping those abs 
> Facing forward, holding 8 lb weights in each hand against your thighs
    (quads) with a 6" level step in front of you, step over the step with your 
    left foot so that you turn your body to the left side and go into a deep 
    parallel squat, bring the left foot back to your forward stance and press
    the weights up into an overhead press....weights back to quads, and repeat 
    10 times (X's).
> 10 Jumping Jacks with arms only going to parallel rather than above the 
> Repeat step over squat to overhead press on the other side (right side)
    10 X's, 8 lbs.
> 1 minute on spin bike
> Biceps curl 10 lbs, 15 repetitions.
> "Good Mornings" ( that is, bending forward at the waist, with a slight give 
     to the legs, bend forward to a 90 degree angle and use those glutes to pull 
     back up to a standing position---- to maintain the technique, try doing
     the "good morning" while standing on your tippy toes or just try not to 
     involve the heels of your feet) 12 X's with 8 lbs to shoulder lateral lift 
     when in the upright stance position.

~short rest 30 seconds or so~

> Repeat step over squat to overhead press 8 X's, 8 lbs.
> Biceps curl 10 lbs, 15 X's.
> Repeat step over squat (other side) to overhead press 8X's, 8 lbs.
>"Good Mornings" 12 X's with 8 lbs to shoulder lateral lift.

~short rest 30 seconds or so~

> In a bent over (90 degree) position, straight arm rear delt lifts - 12 X's, 8 
> Wide squat (toes turned out like a plie), 12 X's, 8 lbs in each hand.
> Repeat bent over, rear delt lift - 12 X's, 8 lbs.
> Repeat wide squat, 12 X's, 8 lbs (16 lbs total).
> One minute on spin bike

~short rest 30 seconds~

> 10 burpees with a high jump: Jump up vertically with arms fully 
    extended overhead, come down place hands on step, jump legs back
    into a push up position, jump legs back in towards chest and repeat.

~ short rest 15 seconds~

>  Stability ball abdominal crunches 3 sets of 15 repetitions.

Well that's it, now you know why my shoulders are a bit sore today! During my short rests I'd stretch and drink water. By all means take a longer rests if you need it.  
Looking back at this workout I can't believe I finished it in 40 minutes! Playing good music really helped me keep up with a good pace!! 
Let me know how it worked out for you and/or what adaptations/modifications you made...  Have fun! ;-)

Be Fit, Be Fabulous!! 
~ Rebecca

Monday, January 2, 2012


Well well it's been a looong while since I've posted on this blog! School, work and trying to spend some quality time with family took precedence over all other interests and hobbies! School practically killed me, what with all the constant studying, writing and reading! The stress I went through was close to having a nervous breakdown! Yes it was a very stressful time that led all the way up to the first week of December and then it was time to prepare for the holidays! Whew, what a whirlwind!! 
Since things have finally slowed down I can now concentrate on things that I have been neglecting, like this blog site!  I have made it my goal to clean up this blog and to post more often about food, nutrition and fitness... in hopes that I can inspire others to take their health seriously!  

Another goal I made, actually a bet I made with my husband, is to do at least 30 minutes of exercise everyday until 12/31/12! He doesn't think I can do it but it shouldn't be a problem for me. I mean I've been a fitness trainer, group exercise instructor and an avid fitness enthusiast for many years. It's just that sometimes life gets so busy with other things! I'm sure you know what I mean right? Anyway it is possible if you really set your mind on it, and I know I CAN DO IT!!  I decided that I would post my workouts and show you that 30 minutes of exercise everyday is possible even if you do have a hectic schedule! 

Yesterday, January 1, the challenge began!  I went for a 40 minute combination run/fast-paced walk around my neighborhood. I live in a hilly area so it was a great cardio workout!  Today was a more anerobic intense workout, it felt amazing! After that workout I felt even more motivated to clean up around here and put all the Christmas decorations away!  I will definitely post that 35 minute workout on this blog so hopefully you can give it a try ( and if you do let me know what you thought!).

I'll continue eating clean foods, which I call "Foods with Muscle" as I have been, with the exception of oh a few days in December, and posting the importance of these foods as well as  why you too should be incorporating them in your diet. 

So here we go, you, me and my family working our way to build a stronger, healthier and happier self!! 

Cheers to your health!!
;) Rebecca