Tuesday, January 3, 2012

January 2, 2012 The Day's 40 Minute Workout!

     The workout I did yesterday was definitely intense even though it was only 40 minutes! I'm still feeling it this afternoon! Look you certainly don't need a lot of time committed to a workout to reap the benefits of exercise!  I remember years ago I'd workout for two or more hours sometimes.. really, unless you're a professional athlete, this is so unnecessary! I'd be so tired afterward I'd go home and sleep, what a waste of time! If only I knew then what I know now, I'm sure we all feel that way!  But anyway if you can devote 10 to 30 minutes of some type of moderately intense exercise and/or 30+ minutes of moderate exercise at least 3 days a week you WILL absolutely feel and see the results, as long as you don't binge eat afterward!

     I'm on a mission to do some type of workout for at least 30 minutes everyday this year as a personal challenge.... well and to win a $100.00 ( hey that's a day at the salon!) bet that I have going with my husband!  My 30+ minutes of daily exercise will vary in intensity depending on how I'm feeling from the workout the day(s) before, for instance today my shoulders are sore  so of course no shoulder, or upper body work today!

     The following workout made me sweat, got my heart rate up into a good training zone and it felt great!!  If you'd like to try this workout, and you'd consider yourself a beginner, I'd suggest doing only one set and much lighter weights, then try the workout again a few days later and increase the resistance while also adding an additional set. 

     Here it is and be sure you have water with you!

> 2 minute warm-up on the spin bike 
> 2 minute jogging in place combined with jumping jacks (do this longer if 
    you don't have a cardio machine). 
> 16 alternating forward lunges onto a 6" step, no weights, just working 
    good form -- make sure your forward knee does not extend over your 
    toes,  your knee should be in a 90 degree angle and keeping those abs 
> Facing forward, holding 8 lb weights in each hand against your thighs
    (quads) with a 6" level step in front of you, step over the step with your 
    left foot so that you turn your body to the left side and go into a deep 
    parallel squat, bring the left foot back to your forward stance and press
    the weights up into an overhead press....weights back to quads, and repeat 
    10 times (X's).
> 10 Jumping Jacks with arms only going to parallel rather than above the 
> Repeat step over squat to overhead press on the other side (right side)
    10 X's, 8 lbs.
> 1 minute on spin bike
> Biceps curl 10 lbs, 15 repetitions.
> "Good Mornings" ( that is, bending forward at the waist, with a slight give 
     to the legs, bend forward to a 90 degree angle and use those glutes to pull 
     back up to a standing position---- to maintain the technique, try doing
     the "good morning" while standing on your tippy toes or just try not to 
     involve the heels of your feet) 12 X's with 8 lbs to shoulder lateral lift 
     when in the upright stance position.

~short rest 30 seconds or so~

> Repeat step over squat to overhead press 8 X's, 8 lbs.
> Biceps curl 10 lbs, 15 X's.
> Repeat step over squat (other side) to overhead press 8X's, 8 lbs.
>"Good Mornings" 12 X's with 8 lbs to shoulder lateral lift.

~short rest 30 seconds or so~

> In a bent over (90 degree) position, straight arm rear delt lifts - 12 X's, 8 
> Wide squat (toes turned out like a plie), 12 X's, 8 lbs in each hand.
> Repeat bent over, rear delt lift - 12 X's, 8 lbs.
> Repeat wide squat, 12 X's, 8 lbs (16 lbs total).
> One minute on spin bike

~short rest 30 seconds~

> 10 burpees with a high jump: Jump up vertically with arms fully 
    extended overhead, come down place hands on step, jump legs back
    into a push up position, jump legs back in towards chest and repeat.

~ short rest 15 seconds~

>  Stability ball abdominal crunches 3 sets of 15 repetitions.

Well that's it, now you know why my shoulders are a bit sore today! During my short rests I'd stretch and drink water. By all means take a longer rests if you need it.  
Looking back at this workout I can't believe I finished it in 40 minutes! Playing good music really helped me keep up with a good pace!! 
Let me know how it worked out for you and/or what adaptations/modifications you made...  Have fun! ;-)

Be Fit, Be Fabulous!! 
~ Rebecca

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