The Scoop!

  • My nutrition information comes from legitimate sources, i.e.,, "Today's Dietitian", my food and nutrition textbooks from Cal Poly Pomona, Harvard School of Public Health Nutrition Newsletter, the ADA ( American Dietitian Association), ACE ( American Council on Exercise) and IDEA (International Dance and Exercise Association).
  • I am not an M.D., I'm a nutrition educator working towards my degree in Food and Nutrition. I simply want to provide you with information that can make a positive change in your health.
  • I don't have a fancy shmancy camera, unfortunately my pictures are from my Galaxy cell phone ;( I know that's pathetic!.... but not for long.
  • I use a lot of "smiley" faces and exclamation points because I truly am happy and passionate about good, healthy foods and staying fit!! (see I just can't help it!)
  • I'm a rookie at blogging, so you can be sure to see it progress as the days go on because I'm always trying to make things better! 
  • Always accepting of constructive criticism, just be nice please.
        I hope you'll check back every now and again, hey who knows I just might inspire you! ;)

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