Friday, May 18, 2012

Can you believe it's just about Summer? It seems like just about a month ago the kids were back in school and now they'll be out in just a few weeks! But this isn't about kids during summer, this is about YOU, your belly and looking good in your beachwear during summer and beyond!! 

I keep hearing it all over the place, "I've got to get in shape for summer!" But how about, "I've got to get in shape for a healthy life", not just for summer, instead? 

That is the ultimate goal, but one small goal at a time... 

Number 1: Focus on reducing the size of your belly!

I've gathered a few simple, clear-cut and to the point ways, to help start preparing your summertime belly so you CAN show it off, and walk on the sand with swagger! Ok yes maybe some things may not be so easy, it's going to take commitment, diligence, love (yes be in love with what you're doing! Resist saying that you "hate it" or "this is too hard!") and lastly, desire (you have to want it bad enough to put in 100%!!).

The best way to achieve your goal is to stay on the defensive, always be prepared, organized and COMMITTED!!

You can do it AND it can happen in a matter of weeks!
So are you ready to start today… no, no, not tomorrow, yeah I heard you! TODAY!! ;)

~Some Body Fat Info~

When we think of wanting to lose excess belly fat we mostly think of the fat just underneath the skin, which is called subcutaneous fat.  The fat that’s even more of concern is the visceral fat, which lies deep inside your abdomen and surrounds your internal organs.

I know you want to get started, but first let me give you some facts about visceral fat that will hopefully keep you motivated in your firmer belly quest!

Visceral Fat Facts:

~ An excessive amount of visceral fat produces hormones and other    
    substances that can raise your blood pressure.
~ It can negatively alter your cholesterol levels.
~ It can impair the body’s ability to use insulin.

Those facts can increase the risk of very serious health problems such as:
• Cardiovascular disease
• Stroke
• Type 2 diabetes
• Breast cancer
• Prostate and Colorectal cancer
• Gallstones, Psoriasis and Fatty Liver

          ~Your To Do List for Achieving A Firmer Belly and Losing 
                                            Excess Body Fat!~ 
                        (subcutaneous as well as visceral fat!)

 #1.    Measure your belly as well as your waist. Keep a measurement 
          journal to track your progress and make notes.

          {Women with a waist over 34 inches and men over 39 inches are  
          at a much greater risk for excess visceral fat health problems.}

          Track your progress by measuring your waist and your belly every three days.

           You should also include the area below your belly button just to track 
           one more surrounding area in order to see which area is losing fat more quickly.

 #2.    Limit your alcohol intake! If you’re accustomed to an everyday beer, glass of wine or cocktail, 
          limit it to only the weekends and be careful with how much you have! 
          Alcohol feeds your belly, hence the “beer belly”, and makes it impossible to achieve
          your goal!

 #3.    Ideally you want to reach a subgoal of exercising at least 5 days a week with
          strength training 3 to 4 days a week. But start your first two weeks with three 
          days of one hour of exercise. 
          Then increase your workouts to at least 5 times a week for AT LEAST 30 minutes on 
          these days. Challenge yourself. Do things you wouldn't ordinarily do.
          For example, if you always use the treadmill, use the elliptical instead. Try a higher
          resistance on the elliptical, or a high incline on the treadmill, for as long as you can in intervals. 
          Take a strength class, or a dance class (I highly recommend Zumba, my personal favorite!)

 #4.    Eat Healthy!! Increase nutritious fresh foods, like vegetables, fruit, fish, whole grains, nonfat
          dairy and decrease, rather eliminate, fast food, foods high in sugar and fat, especially 
          saturated fat, eliminate soda, high sugar fruit juices and "foo-foo" coffee drinks, you know like 
          frappuccinos, cappuccinos, sugar laced lattes, etc, etc. 
          Personally I eat about a 85% plant based diet. I still eat nonfat Greek yogurt, skim cheeses,
          chicken and eggs. I most likely won’t do away with these lean proteins, but who knows!
          Eating a mostly plant based diet WILL help you feel better, look better, and help you to be much
          healthier overall!! 

  #5.   Don’t smoke! Find ways to stop as soon as possible! Research what truly happens to your body 
          when you smoke. Look at statistics of cancer and COPD as well as other health issues caused 
          by smoking, let these things motivate you, or find what does!
  #6.   DO NOT skip breakfast! Not eating breakfast will slow your metabolism, it will cause you to over eat 
          at lunch and most likely you'll be so hungry that you'll make the wrong food choices!! 

  #7.   Drink LOTS of water all day long! Your body is mostly made of water! At least 70%!
          I could write a whole post on this alone, and I just might, meanwhile drink more water!

Pretty simple huh?!

This "To Do" list will not only help you lose excess body fat, but will also help your body to become healthier and more energetic! 

Keep these seven To Do's for as long as possible! Don't think that once you've achieved what you wanted that you could go back to your old ways. Most likely by that time you'll be so accustomed to eating better and working out that it will become a habit and you WILL continue on with this as a way of life. 

Be Healthy, Be Happy, for a lifetime!

~ Rebecca :)

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